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About Us

Al Sabeel Group of Companies

Al Sabeel is a well-established group of companies with over three decades of expertise as the one-stop solution for the installing, operations and repairing procedures in the electro-mechanical industrial fields.

We have a vibrant team of over 200 expert technicians with deep knowledge in troubleshooting and rectification of power tools, industrial equipments, testing devices and lathe machines.

Our leading hub of activity is located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi where our work speaks itself of the value of our concepts. Besides fulfilling successful endeavors in the industrial sector, we have marked lucrative implementation of our services in the commercial sector as well.

Our key services include compressor rebuilding, troubleshooting, rectifying and finding solutions for rewinding every variety of motors and pumps. We consider ‘time’ to be highly valuable which is why we maintain a powerful team of transit for the timely delivery of services to our respected clients at their convenience.

  • Our mission
    Every business thrives when its team engages in periodic update of the industry knowledge. We strive to encourage our employees and technicians to be passionate learners of the innovative technologies so that we maintain the quality of our company services unparalleled and updated.
  • Our vision
    Durability and resilience are the vital factors that engross the clients when it comes to heavy machinery and industry systems. We ensure that the output of our services is not only superior, but sustain long-term.





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